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Nerd style glasses are a fun trend that continues to grow in popularity. They are a great accessory for either men or women. Quite simply “nerd glasses” are most often a dark color frame with clear lenses in a variety of shapes and sizes. For costume wear–they are often seen with some tape between the center of the lenses–but as a trend– they are worn to give a look that calls out fun, smart, cute, studious, professional, flirty, and quirky. These glasses look particularly cute on the ladies with an “updo”. For men they add a look of “smart or nerdiness”–which has come to stand as a very desirable trait! Do a quick brownser search of images of Nerd Glasses and you will find many movie stars who show up at premiers and hi visibility locations getting their “nerd on”. These glasses come with lenses that have a UV400 protection rating from sunlight–so even though they are a clear lens glasses they do provide a level of eye protection from the sun. Pick your favorite style and have some fun. These glasses are an “entry level” basic frame to help show off your “nerd” style. Imported and plastic. Non-prescription and intended to be a fashion accessory. Perfect Cosplay accessory for your inner hero.

  • Fun and Stylish Fashion Accessory
  • Non-Prescription
  • UV 400 Protection
  • Get your “Nerd on”!

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