Prepology 3-piece Kitchen Tong Set with Silicone Accents and Locking Feature (PURPLE)

These are the tongs you’re looking for!

Take control over your cooking with these versatile tongs! This 3-piece set of silicone-accented stainless steel tongs will help you get a grip in the kitchen. Use the professional quality tongs for a variety of kitchen duties when a spatula or spoon won’t do, such as tossing salads, flipping burgers on a grill or eggs in a frying pan, snagging stubborn pickles from a jar, and countless more.

Why these tongs?

Combining the durability of a stainless steel frame with non-slip silicone-coated tips and handle, you will be able to grasp foods securely with ease and confidence. The scalloped silicone tips are expertly shaped for delicately picking up even the slipperiest foods such as hard boiled eggs, and are also well-suited for the oven, grilling, or deep frying as they are heat resistant to 450 degrees F, and are even dishwasher safe! The innovative hidden locking mechanism provides handy storage and use without bulk. Simply turn tong tips down and press open to unlock and use, then turn tong tips up and press to close for storage. It can be done easily with a flick of the wrist!

Snag yours today for an experience you won’t regret!

With six colors available to choose from, you can personalize your kitchen with these useful tools. And since this tong set comes with three different sizes, they will be sure to accommodate all your cooking needs from boiling potatoes to searing steak.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – With no risk, order yours today for an experience you won’t regret!
  • COMBINES DURABILITY AND COMFORT – Designed with the strength of stainless steel frames, and accented with non-slip scalloped silicone handles and tips which will strongly grip food and won’t scratch nonstick coated cookware.
  • UNLOCK WITH THE FLIP OF THE WRIST – Designed with a hidden locking feature that you can activate simply and easily. Simply squeeze the ergonomic handles upside-down to lock for storage, or squeeze right-side-up to unlock.
  • NO MORE BURNS IN THE KITCHEN – Since these are heat resistant up to 450 degrees F, you can let these do the hot work so you can keep your hands safe from burns. Dishwasher safe!
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR KITCHEN – Includes 3 sizes of tongs: 16″, 12″, and 9″ in length – Choose from 6 colors: yellow, purple, black, green, blue, or red.

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