Sizers – shoe sizing insert cushions (Purple (1/2 Sizer))

Ever experienced heel slippage? Always in-between shoe sizes? Frustrated with heel grips or insoles? Then you need Sizers! Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a major challenge so when you do find them, you want to be able to wear them comfortably and securely, even if they’re not your size or your shoes. With Sizers these problems are a thing of the past. Wear the shoes you want! Sizers shoe inserts are the perfect solution if you are in-between sizes or your shoes are loose fitting. Don’t size down, size up and pop in a Sizer – the super comfortable shoe insert which creates a perfect fit every time. Available in 3 (colour coded) sizes: 1/4 Sizer (Pink) – Reduces footwear by 1/4 of a shoe size 1/2 Sizer (Purple) – Reduces footwear by 1/2 of a shoe size 1 Sizer (Orange) – Reduces footwear by 1 whole shoe size SizersTM can be used in all closed toe footwear (boots, flats, high heels etc.), making loose shoes a thing of the past!

  • Reduces the size of footwear
  • Prevents heel slippage
  • Perfect for half sizes
  • Ultra light and discreet
  • Specially shaped for a comfortable fit around toe

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